Zbit participate SCGC 2023“Follow the trend, ride the trend and go up” annual meeting

Date:2023-08-29 Views:669

On August 25, SCGC 2023“Follow the trend, ride the trend” investment annual conference was held in Shenzhen, government departments, research institutes, Invested Enterprises, fund contributors and Partners participated in the conference to jointly study opportunities and challenges for industrial development and explore new paths for enterprise growth, to promote win-win cooperation among various parties.

Zhao xinlin, vice president of marketing of Zbit, attended the annual meeting as an invited guest. In the future, the company will combine its own technology accumulation in the field of NOR Flash and MCU, to develop integrated memory and Computing AI chip development and application. Based on the low-cost demand of the end-side market, we deploy TinyML lightweight AI algorithm to the low-cost MCU control chip, and began to market the best cost-effective AI products and solutions. The company is also in continuous R & D Innovation, technical strength, product competitiveness is further enhanced, and then drive the company to accelerate the development of innovation.