Embedded Engineer


Job requirements:

1. Responsible for the driver development of the company's arm Cortex-M Series MCU products, and the maintenance and update of SDK;

2. Assist FAE to guide customers to use the company's MCU for product development and solve problems in customer applications;

3. Assist pe/te to optimize ATE test process and improve product yield;

4. Be responsible for the development, download and programmer software design of demo board software required for MCU new product verification and promotion;

5. Be responsible for the preparation of user instructions and various user documents of MCU products.

operating duty:

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic engineering, electrical engineering and other related majors;

2. Be proficient in using c/c++ for embedded program design, and have strong software debugging experience;

3. Have rich application experience in arm Cortex-M Series MCU, and be familiar with various basic MCU peripherals, such as UART, SPI, IIC, timer, PWM, USB, etc;

4. Have good communication skills, written and oral expression skills, and be able to write application notes and other related technical documents.

Email: mei.chen@zbitsemi.com

Tel: 055165673255