Zbit Semiconductor,Inc. can provide Flash memory with general SPI interface. The main products are ZB25LQ series with 1.8V working voltage and ZB25Q/ZB25D series with 3.0V working voltage. The available capacities are 4Mbit to 256Mbit,and 512Kbit to 512Mbit..

  With a maximum operating frequency of 120MHz,and standard,dual-port and four-port operating modes,Evershine Semiconductor's SPI NOR Flash products can support data exchange speeds up to 240Mbits/s(Dual SPI)and 480Mbits/s(Quad SPI).

  The quiescent current of Zbit Semiconductor,Inc. SPI NOR Flash products is as low as 1uA,the data retention time is 20 years,the number of erasing and writing can reach 100,000 times,and the operating temperature range is-40℃~+85℃. The product has high reliability,low power consumption,and advanced security features. The application range covers DVD/CD drives,STB,DPF,Desktop and Notebook PC,DVD Recorders,WLAN,DSL,LCD Monitors,Flat Panel TV,Printers,GPS,MP3,etc.

  Zbit Semiconductor,Inc. can provide fast and professional original factory localization services.