AE Application Engineer / Hardware Engineer


Job requirements:

1. IC board level verification and application related work;

2. Write software on mcu/arm hardware platform for IC function verification and performance test;

3. Develop and maintain the test platform based on FPGA, and carry out some verification and testing of AI chip;

4. Assist FAE to answer the application problems encountered by the client;

5. Sort out the chip verification test report and the analysis report of customer feedback problems.

operating duty:

1. Bachelor degree in electronics, electrical, automation and other related majors.

2. Be familiar with mcu/arm embedded development platform, and use C language for program design;

3. Familiar with Verilog for FPGA Development (or willing to learn);

4. Be able to use an EDA software such as pads/cadence for schematic and PCB design;


Tel: 055165673255