Company Profile

Zbit Semiconductor, Inc. is a fabless design house located in Hefei and Shanghai. Our leading edge products include high performance, low power and cost effective SPI NOR Flash and 32-bit MCUs. These products are widely used in consumer; mobile phone; IOT; communication; smart home; industrial control; and automotive market. Zbit has also established a strategic relationship with major wafer foundries; testing houses and packaging manufacturers in China.

Zbit has developed three major NOR Flash product lines (3V, 1.8V and wide range) with different densities. Our ARM Cortex based 32-bit MCU product families have been well accepted by customers and the market since 2020. We have successfully demonstrated our CiNOR technology, a NOR Flash based Computing in Memory(CIM) AI technology through a test chip. This State-of-the-Art  technology is one of the potential technologies for AI on-device inference.

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Zbit Semiconductor,Inc. can provide Flash memory with general SPI interface. The main products are Z......
MCU microcontrollers are targeted at the Internet of Things,consumer electronics,and industrial mark......